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Arresting Anger - Preventing Violence - Strengthening Families

A daily devotional to help Christians understand the heart of God for their neighbourhoods, and to live forever changed by it. The 40 Day Dare uses Bible readings, stories and very practical tools to equip you for powerful engagement with your community. 

The dare (if you choose to accept it), will have you walking your local streets every day, and praying for God’s greatest priority under Heaven. If your devotional life is getting cold, crusty and self-indulgent, then the 40 Day Dare was very much written just for you.

But…..are you up for the dare?

Available from the iBooks store - Free

Amazon Kindle - $1.99 AUD

A pdf version is also available, but not recommended. This version is not fully optimised, and may be missing some key aspects of functionality.

As you continue to walk out the Dare, don't forget to encourage other Dare-devils with stories from your own community. You can celebrate them here on our Facebook page.