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Arresting Anger - Preventing Violence - Strengthening Families

Books & CoursesBooks and Courses

IMPORTANT - If you are registered to be a participant in an online an online Circuit Breaker group, you will need to order your own copy of the Circuit Breaker Participants Manual in time for the commencement of your group. You can purchase that at the foot of this page, and it will be mailed out to you, but please allow a week for it to arrive.

(for quick orders, please scroll down to the store at the bottom of the page)

Circuit Breaker Facilitator Training Course - Now Online!

For those who are unable to attend regional training events, or just prefer a self-paced option, our Circuit Breaker Facilitator Training course is now available on

At your own pace, you can now complete a series of 23 short lectures, receive a certificate of attainment and then gain a provider's licence to deliver the Circuit Breaker program in your local community.

This training gives "non-experts" a solid grounding in the nature and dynamics of domestic abuse, with tools and strategies for deep and successful engagement with potential abusers.

Circuit Breaker Course

Circuit Breaker is a ten session group-based course for the early prevention of domestic violence, designed so that churches and community groups can offer it to their communities with confidence.

The format has been designed for non-experts, with simple week-by-week instructions for group leaders. Sessions notes with full video support provide the necessary teaching so that group leaders can get on with building the group and changing lives.

Circuit Breaker is based on 20 years of development and of listening to abusers to discover what the real issues are for them. The result is a course which abusers find disarming, accessible and highly liberating.

Although anger-management is only a part of the complex issue of domestic abuse, it tends to be the issue that participants are first wanting to talk about. Circuit Breaker builds trust by giving participants tried and tested tools for managing anger, and then uses this rapport to dive deeper into issues of power & control, the cycle of violence, jealousy and more.

Community groups and churches who already conduct recovery group type courses will find the format familiar and user-friendly.

Get started now by ordering your Faciltator's manual (scroll down to store) or check out the complete video of Session One - "Discretion and Your Anger."

Your purchase of a Circuit Breaker facilitator's manual is only the beginning of the excellent product support you will be able to access right here.

Ordering for Online Groups

Facilitators please make sure you have completed your Circuit Breaker Provider's Licence online and that you and your co-facilitator have your own copies of the facilitators manual. For online groups during the Covid-19 lock-down, participants need to purchase their own manuals right here at our online store. You will need to allow time for these to arrive by post so, if you are a facilitator, please make sure your deadline for group registration is realistic, and participants are pre-interviewed and ready to go. It is a requirement that every participant and facilitator has their own manual.

Resource Store (Australian Orders Only)

The 112 page participants manual, including notes for the ten group sessions, home work tasks and extras. (Note: 1 manual is required for each participant).


The 149 page full facilitator's manual, including the complete participants notes plus detailed facilitators notes for the full ten group sessions.


Why we repeat dysfunctional behaviours, thinking and relationships, and how to find real and lasting change.


For international orders of course manuals, please contact us

Disclaimer:* The Circuit Breaker licensing agreement forbids persons who have not completed Circuit Breaker Facilitator Training (in person or online) or who are not in the possession of a Circuit Breaker Provider's Licence from delivering groups and programs. Facilitator training specific to the Circuit Breaker course is available for your teams by request from our support page. Check our events page for training events which may already be scheduled in your area, and for links to online training and licensing.

** Circuit Breaker is an early prevention course. Although Circuit Breaker has also proven to be very effective for high level domestic violence cases, (in both counselling and group therapy), such an application should only be considered with respect for any local legislation which may apply to perpetrator programs.

Changing Tools - Book

We all have them. Annoying habits, dysfunctional traits and addictions are just some of the blunt and broken tools we use to cope in our lives and relationships.

Whether yours is saying yes to everything, withdrawing from people, being a control freak or drinking too much, you've probably noticed that putting the old tools away can be easier said than done.

Changing Tools brings the foremost contemporary therapeutic approaches together in a plain English model for finding a breakthrough. You’ll be inspired by stories from real-life counselling scenarios, demonstrating that change is not only possible, but yours to have. 

"Good on ya Matt. You've got a little beauty in this book. Doable solutions to help us all become champions."

"...with sensitivity and respect, Matt offers awareness of the tools we use every day, and strategies to replace them. Read this book deliberately and intentionally."

Susan Daniel, State Director, Chaplaincy Australia QLD

"Good on ya Matt. You've got a little beauty in this book. Doable solutions to help us all become champions."

Ian (Watto) Watson, "shed happens" Founder and author of "Every Bloke's a Champion - Even You!"